MAK Design Group

June 5, 2013
by rbyrneadmin

Reclaimed Oak with touchable surface

MAK Design Group is introducing a new series of laminates with the look and feel of real reclaimed oak boards.

One of the hottest trends in furniture and wall decor is that of unfinished or salvaged and reclaimed woods. The new line of MAK Reclaimed Oaks is set to launch in mid July and will be introduced at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas July 24-27th.

This new series creates the reclaimed finish with a touchable surface effect combined with optical embossing. The combination of visual embossing and the raised surface effect creates the timeless richness of real reclaimed wood.The reclaimed oaks have a naturally worn character and age that cannot be mimicked by new growth wood designs. Their richness reflects the character and color that is created over time.